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Spring and Fall Cleanups

Greensmith Yard Care Services: Spring and Fall Cleanup

Spring Cleanups are a very important start to the year for your yard.  Good healthy grass requires removing dead leaves, power raking and the first cut and trim of the season. We blow out all your garden beds, grass and areas that are gathering leaves.  We power rake (de-thatch) your lawn to get rid of the dead grass from the winter season, hand rake, cut and trim your lawn and remove all the debris.

Power Raking (or De-Thatching) is important because it brings excess dead grass to the surface and requires walking back and forth in a pattern similar to mowing the lawn. The many benefits of power raking includes increasing the effectiveness of fertilization, watering and pest control allowing for thicker and healthier growth of your lawn.

Power raking is only done in the spring before the grass is completely green and has established its rooting system for the season.

When summer comes to an end, the most important step to maintaining a healthy lawn is a Fall Cleanup.  It’s important to have some leaves left on your lawn over the winter for protection, but too many is not only harmful, but damaging.  Leaves will get wet and mold over the winter which can effect your lawn and how it looks in the Spring.


Greensmith Tree Thinning

Pruning and maintenance is important for the health of your trees, shrubs, and hedges. Proper care will increase the beauty and the longevity of your trees. Another reason to properly trim your trees is safety, branches that are dead or obstructive can create hazards on your property. Most hedges and shrubs require seasonal care to either prepare or revive them. Pruning helps maintain the structural integrity of your trees, mitigating the risk of broken and falling branches down the road as well as improving their health and aesthetic.

Yard Clean Up

Greensmith Yard Care Services: Yard Cleanup
Yard cleanup is essential to the maintenance and beauty of your green spaces. Beyond the seasonal cleanups for fall and spring, regular maintenance throughout the year is also important. Maybe you just moved in to a new property that has been neglected, or perhaps you want to spruce up the yard for a real estate listing or an event like a birthday BBQ or family gathering. Basic yard cleanup includes:

  • + Debris removal
  • + Cleanup of flower and garden beds
  • + Leaf removal
  • + De-thatching to promote lawn growth
  • + Light weeding of garden beds and pathways

Lawn Maintenance

Greensmith Yard Care Services: Lawn Maintenance
A plush well manicured lawn adds to the beauty and curb appeal of your property. Greensmith offers some of the most affordable rates for lawn care in Kelowna, without sacrificing quality or service. Lawn maintenance includes:

  • + Weekly and bi-weekly trimming
  • + De-thatching
  • + Aerating
  • + Pellet Fertilizer treatment (Spring, summer, fall)


Greensmith Yard Care Services: Landscaping
Landscaping details like flower beds and shrubs intently add visual interest and value to your yard. We like to work with you on creating a beautiful space with the following soft landscaping services:

  • + Edging
  • + Garden Beds
  • + Basic irrigation repair and maintenance


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